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Storm damage is something we specialize in at Clean Cut Tree Service.  Trees down near live electrical lines can cause injury or further damage to your property.  We offer 24-hour emergency tree removal service, and our team is experienced in removing dangerous trees in hazardous conditions in our area.  

You definitely want a professional for this job. There may be dangerous conditions present and we’ll know exactly what precautions to take to keep everyone safe without causing further harm.

When a storm hits and you have tree and structural damage, the first instinct is to cut that tree down!  When there are fallen or broken branches, it’s often difficult to tell the extent of the damage.  At first, you may think a tree needs removing when it really only needs trimming service to restore it to a healthy state. Let the experts at Clean Cut Tree Service come to your home and assess the situation.  They will offer a no-obligation estimate based on years of experience in storm damage and insurance work.  If the structure of the tree is uncompromised and there’s no safety issue with leaving the tree intact, it may be in your best interest to save the tree and just let us trim the limbs and branches.  Often though, the tree needs to be removed.  

Storm damage jobs are always different and unique - we do our best to respond within 24 hours of your call and usually much quicker than this!  Our fully licensed, bonded and insured crew will be there to help get your home or property back to normal.