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We are proud to own an All Terrain Tracked Crawler 83 HD Plus Mini Lift.  A simple solution for hard to reach areas. This is by far the best tracked aerial lift available for tree care.  Not to mention, this lift gives us the opportunity to offer a variety of other services!

The lift offers 83 feet of working height!  Trees, stadium lights, tall buildings, signs, etc can be reached with this lift. The lift is versatile in that it can work inside large buildings as well.  Inside, the life operates from a 110 volt electric source, producing ABSOLUTELY ZERO EMISSIONS, while still operating at 100% capability and function. All we need is a 36" by 80" doorway to enter.

From start to finish, the 83HD+ features allow us to handle any kind of tree pruning, tree removal, storm damage removal, etc.  The lift has a smaller base and is able to fit in tight spaces... in fact, we can squeeze into a 36 inch space!  

It can also work on unlevel, steep terrains.  The lift has a 22HP diesel engine and 3 hydraulic pumps, making it capable of operating at different speeds and therefore wasting less time on job sites. 

The lift is not only for tree care!  We can reach heights and areas that previously seemed impossible, like tall light poles, tall buildings, hard to reach windows and signs.  Let us help you with bulb replacements, maintenance and servicing your hard to reach property.