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Did you know??

  • Shade trees can make buildings up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer 

  • Oak trees can grow to heights of 115-141 feet

  • Trees can increase the value of a house by 10%

  • You can minimize your risk of storm damage by doing preventative tree maintenance and pruning 

Clean Cut Tree Service is a tree trimming company that can take care of the difficult job of pruning, deadwooding and maintaining the health of your trees.  These services can include tree thinning, crown cleaning, crown reduction and structural pruning.  Keeping your trees strong and healthy adds value to your property, protects the structures on your property, and enriches the yard and neighborhood in which you live.  

Call us at 870-425-7110 for a FREE ESTIMATE on any tree pruning that you need done!  Let the experts help you determine how to best take care of those trees.